Labour surges, tories collapse

The new CAWI Poll is very clear: British voters prefer Jeremy Corbyn. The Leader of the Labour Party wins both the Millenials and the elders. He’s in the lead in big cities while he loses in the suburbs and rural areas.

The Conservative Party is still the first political party in the UK, but it’s closely followed as ever by The Labour Party. This contrast is polarizing the UK electorate so much that it’s dramatically shrinking the UK Indepenence Party. The Liberal Democrats, however, are stable compared to the last elections. The Scottish National Party and The Green Party lose some electoral consensus.



Sample size: 36,000; Margin of error: +-3%


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    1. Sorry sarntcrip, But it’s time in EVERY Nation for those who are Using the System for the FREE living has to END, If you are like Me, A Disabled Veteran or have a Real Disability then you Should receive Benefits. But TO Many abuse the System.

  1. No J C for me. He shows little respect for Our Royal Family or Our Country. The Labour Party are internationalit’s and believe in Open Borders. Not good for Our Little Island.

    1. If you are talking about immigration there has been more immigrants to this country in last 7 years under the cons More importantly, do you want to pay for the health service your state pension cut & more cuts for the disabled, food banks, the lists goes on !!!!?

    2. How does he show little respect for the country? Where is your evidence for the Open Borders claim? You really need to stop believing the media that are financed by billionaires – it’s the Tories who show no respect for the actual people in this country, by underfunding the NHS, schools, councils and tripling the national debt in the past 7 years. You need to do some independent research.

  2. If you don’t care about the poor or the squeezed middle, the economy ruined by May’s hard/ cackhanded Brexit , the rich and big companies avoiding taxes, the rise in suicides and in mentsl healrh problems and degrading of services which once helped, about women on state pensions let down, retirement age rising , schools robbed of resources , about young people’s bleak present and threatened future, about the selling- off of the NHS, of cuts to fire services , police and ambulance , overcriwded prisons, work assessments resulting in stress and death for the disabled and chronically and terminally ill , about foreign companies making profits from our trains, about the environment , unsafe fracking and coal- gasification , and 40 per cent of people suffering from diesel pollution , about our press being owned by billionaires , about the loss of cooperation on medical and other research in Europe, about Human Rights , about I’m- alright- Nigel – attitudes – oh, and so ,,,,, yeah, well, Vote Tory. You deserve them.

  3. I have a message for anyone who believes this. I have fairies living at the bottom of my garden.You can come and see where they live for the special price of £100 billion for today only. (Please note that due to the free movement policy in Europe they may not be present at the time of your visit as they are considering attending a rally to give equal rights for little people with wings, thanks to generous funding from the EU.

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