If Clinton drops out, Bernie will run as an Independent

As we all know, Clinton health is worrying.

Her neurologist (neurologist???) Oladotun Okunola have said that the Democratic candidate in the upcoming Presidential Elections is suffering of pneumonia.

I wouldn’t go into conspiracy theories, but it’s clear that this isn’t pneumonia, or rather, the Clinton staff not telling the truth about the severity of her illness.

It’s also clear that the mysteries related to her health are becoming less obscure. From the day of her nomination, in fact, Clinton showed signs of behavioral and cognitive failure. The images of her immeasurable ecstasy during the coronation and during many interviews, represent a clear sign of instability, perhaps linked to the use of psychotropic substances or to a psychic collapse, according to the republican theories about Dementia or Parkinson’s.

In the following days, during a rally, Clinton has been referred to Donald Trump using the term ‘husband’. And that’s not all. From the first day, in fact, Hillary Clinton has attracted the attention of her supporters because of a continuous cough. Clinton addressed the first rallies dressing warm clothing despite the heat, the cameras have also captured a hole at the height of his tongue.

Her deserted rallies were the last in which she appeared until commemoration of the 9/11 victims. On this occasion the mysteries are even more dense facts if they were present at the ceremony two Hillary Clinton. The first in top shape, heedless of the fact that her pneumonia can have on other people and the second in the form to say the least precarious that struggling to stand on its own legs. The first, most likely one of his look-alike named Teresa Barnwell with earrings, hairstyle, physiognomy, and suit blue army, the second, probably Hillary Clinton, with different earrings, different cut, different physiognomy and color of different suit.

After conspiring so much, one thing is certain: it’s pretty miserable in rallies where Clinton is propped up only because physically supported by three other people.

That said, the point is unfortunately another: Hillary Clinton will be able to fulfill her task of POTUS, if she wins the upcoming presidential? And if not? Should it not leave space to her former competitors like Bernie Sanders from the DNC regulation? And if the DNC does opt for an authoritarian manner by another name, Bernie Sanders would be free to run itself as an independent, once he failed the candidacy of the endorsed person? We’ll see.

I wouldn’t want that at the next debate Donald Trump stood up with a mask to avoid breathing the extent of Clinton bacterial pneumonia. I wouldn’t want Clinton dared to overpay than her illness allows and would become victim of the Republican populism. I wouldn’t want the American voter, always demanding and supporter of a strong father in power, were to opt for Donald Trump, as the lesser evil.

The DNC must get a move on and ensure the health of their candidte. It isn’t possible that Barack Obama drive the election campaign. You can not attend an election campaign with a phantom candidate, who gives up starting for California and who knows how many other states.

Although I’m an open supporter of Bernie Sanders and I’ve personally and economically contributed and support his campaign, I’m very very sorry for what is happening to Clinton, which still has actually other fish to fry and risk the interdiction from public offices if not to put her under the stop state as regards negligence on the occasion of Benghazi affair.


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