Russia will stabilize the Middle East

1. From the dramatic situation in the Middle East is emerging something that will be good for the whole area: the historical presence in Syria by Russia and then China and Iran. This factor similar to the Cold War led NATO countries and the countries of the Arab League to lower the pretensions of territorial expansion and political-economic-religious influence in the Shiite-majority countries such as Syria, Iraq or Yemen. In a sort of war equilibrium beyond which no one can afford to go.

2. Putin’s move to intervene in Syria is definitely not an act of charity because of its geopolitical interests of protection in the Middle East. The Russian President has wisely caught at the chance to fit into a unwinnable war for the United States – the creators themselves ISIS together with Sunni countries – and fairly simple to close by a well-equipped as the Russian army . In the face of the specter of the Islamic State, far from compelling. Putin helped Obama and the Democrats as the creation of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Daesh, it is the responsibility of the Republican Intelligence. Unfortunately for the United States this row to hoe is so great that it can not be resolved in the short as the renewal of the CIA leaders need of generational change. It is for this reason that Kerry and Lavrov work together assiduously. Not a friendly collaboration, but a collaboration on domestic politics in both countries. Obama avoids thousands of deaths during the election campaign and Putin brings home his victory as a function of its next. Within these dynamics intersect apical important factors: 1. The common goal to remove geopolitical power to Turkey in the area since Erdogan to pass all or almost all Russian gas that heats European winters; 2. According to the common objective is the weakening of the Sunni countries competitors of Russia in the supply of gas to the Old Continent; 3. Ensure that Syria come back and play a decisive role for the same reasons; 4. Ensure that Iran replacements United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc;

3. The Russian-American agreement will yield only with the Clinton victory and Putin in the upcoming presidential elections. It included the annihilation of the rulers of the Sunni majority countries and Israel. An axis, this, created by the GOP in the ’80s and for many years all over winning and dominating the Middle Eastern context. On the same wave length is the ‘work’ done in Egypt, and, albeit with much more difficulty, in Libya. Russia and Democrats await passage to Erdogan, Netanyahu and Saud. Erdogan will continue to exploit its membership to NATO, Netanyahu will continue to receive each year from the US 50 billion dollar capital and then use them against DEM administrations, the Saud family defeat by Muhammad as pagan, and later a convert to ‘ Islam, have a far greater power than the two mentioned above, but a possible isolation from the Middle East Shiite with Syria, Iraq and Iran in the lead, could at least remove their expansionist ambitions and cause, as already predicted by economists Saudis, a pilot with bankruptcy could have repercussions on domestic politics from Arabia not yet predictable scenarios.