Sanders leads Clinton by double-digits in West Virginia

Hillary Clinton has lost in Indiana earning only half of the votes compared to 2008. She isn’t experiencing its best period. For this reason if Bernie Sanders wants to aspire to win the nomination on June 7 it has a lot to motivate their supporters and, above all, make them believe that there are still many opportunities to win.

In fact, the decline in turnout that is also affecting him is caused by the demoralization of his electorate and the lack of hope. At the same time Berners hope that Hillary Clinton drops out from the race, and earnestly working to make that happen.

Data in hand, I can say with great confidence that Bernie Sanders has a chance to win very big in Oregon and easily exceed 60% of the votes in California.

And that’s not all, nobody treats of Puerto Rico although it’s worth 67 Delegates. Although not easy to study it there are clear indicators of disaffection on the part of Puerto Ricans against the Clintons after Bill had to destroy the welfare of the island during his tenure as President.

In this case I predict low turnout (due to lack of Clinton voters) and clear victory for Bernie Sanders. West Virginia will happen more or less the same thing but in slightly less measure. According to my past studies Bernie Sanders will impose on Clinton with 58.38%.

He could even exceed 60%, but everything depends on the turnout of the Unaffiliated Voters. If their turnout will exceed 21.8% and will reach 30% Sanders could aspire as high as 65% but with ifs and buts nobody does a long way.

Regarding the methodology I used the usual parameters for a state of the East of the United States of America which is characterized by a strong presence of white (over 90%):

I assigned as usual at least 61% of white votes in Sanders county by county and a turnout of 65%. I also assigned 38% of the African American community, with a turnout of 55% and finally I reserved almost the same treatment to the Asian and Hispanics. I assigned the right percentage of women’s vote and got the result that has dovetailed with the results by age.


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  1. Are you registered and ready to vote? Senator Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader including fairness, kindness, honesty, humility, intelligence, experience, authenticity, energy, empathy, compassion, and he is passionate about helping every child in this country succeed, thus building a brighter and stronger USA for future generations! Over 2,000 medical practitioners and nurse’s union have praised his medicare for all plan which will save the middle class approx 5,000 a year in medical cost including savings from high deductible insurance premiums, pharmaceutical needs, etc 170 leading economists agree Bernie’s plan will grow the economy. Check out Bernie’s record on you tube. He received 86% of the vote in his home state due to his character. Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

  2. Media is totally 100% buying Killary so it has never been for the media and never will be ((((WE THE PEOPLE)))) since the media OWNS and they make the SLECTION since it has never been an election but only SELECTION by the few and its sad to see they rule with an iron hand phuck the few-REVOLUTION is NOW

    1. Boycott the ADVERTIZERS in any media that acts so biased. Tell’em (email is best) you and your friends will never buy their product as long as they support that dishonest media.

  3. Very interesting article. I just got back from traveling out of state to canvass in WV, and it is big Trump country there. Surprisingly, those that weren’t for Trump didn’t like Hillary at all, so I’m guessing that Bernie will win the Democratic primary in WV by default. It is worth noting that most of the people that I talked to didn’t know much about Bernie and were very eager to learn more about him; they were very receptive to his message and it especially resonated with people riled up by Trump. Interesting place, they could really use some of Bernie’s programs.

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