Sanders rules Indiana with 54.75%

Indiana is Sanders-Leaning, voter suppression and voter fraud permitting.

The state is congenial to Bernie characteristics. A big city alone and dozens of small towns on 100,000 inhabitants. The Hispanic Community of the Mid-West is not much involved as much as the African American Community. That is why the buck is in the hands of the White Community which is hegemonic in the State.

The White (non-Hispanics) represent 84.6% of the population, are Sanders-Leaning with 61% and with a turnout higher than other ethnic groups make it almost useless in calculating them: this is a difficult percentage to exceed even wanting add Hispanics, African American and Asians.

The turnout of White will remain steady at 70% as ever, while that of Black will drop to about 55%, returning to pre-Obama levels. The Hispanics and Asians have the same percentage of turnout.

The age of the population, then, favors the Senator from Vermont. In fact, it tends to grow more and more up to 45 years of age and collapses for those over 65 up to infinitesimal levels.

Geography helps relatively the Clinton competitor by virtue of the fact that Indianapolis is in the center of the state and affects all the counties. That said, the bordering areas to the North with Michigan and to the West with Illinois will follow the trend of the primaries held in recent weeks.


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  1. PEOPLE!!!!!! It’s NOT Voter Fraud. It’s Election Fraud. The difference is when the people in charge of elections try to keep the people from voting, or steal their votes. Voter fraud is actual people trying to vote twice or for their brother – There has been 13 cases of Voter Fraud in the past 10 years. Election Fraud, on the other hand has happened in almost every state election in this primary season. And we know who’s votes have been stolen!

    The Press, at the very least, should get their terminology correct.

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