Sanders must take the Streets before Wall Street

Bernie Sanders campaign must take to the streets. Activists must leave the Social Networks and must start working State by State, County by County, City by City, Borough by Borough, Road by Road, House by House.

The Berners must talk to all those people who doesn’t have a connection to the Internet and watch television. All the people watching the first channel that happen, and that based on that channel makes an impression sometimes wrong of the World.

Activists must create operational units in all cities and shall coordinate in capillary manner. They have to ask questions to people, complete questionnaires, should ask people what are their priorities, what it should occupy the next President of the United States.

Activists have to collect the answers and the questions of the people and must help Bernie Sanders to create his presidential election program. They have to assure the interviewed people who will be part of the election campaign and that the election campaign will be based on the needs and dreams of the people as happened in Italy with Dino Amenduni ‘Proforma Srl’ in 2010 in the city of Bari.

The activists will urge citizens to create Facebook groups in which deal, will drop the link in which to do so without commitments, will inform citizens about how the upcoming primaries, will have to indicate how they should register.

The activists will be able to deliver to the headquarters the results of the interviews and the questionnaires and thus the seat can process the times that people consider most important. In this way Bernie Sanders will address these primaries and the upcoming Presidential Elections being in contact with people.

People will feel a participant of the movement taking place in American politics and Bernie Sanders will depend on an extensive work that will allow him to respond to every citizen House by House, Road by Road, Borough by Borough, City by City, County by County, State by State.