Today is the Beginning of the End of Social Networks


Today is the Beginning of the End of Social Networks. Today is the Beginning of a New Era of Web. Today Bernie Sanders, Berners, Americans have suffered a coup d’état. Today Bernie decides which side to stay. Today Bernie puts on the agenda the Facebook regulation because has acquired too much power as a large bank and We Break ‘Em Up that is too big.

Today is the day when Bernie decides to run for Presidential Elections. Today is born the Third Party. Today is the end of the Oligarchia and the Post-Democracy that Bill Clinton has set up in 1999 by deleting the Glass-Steagall Bill. Today, his wife, his dangerous wife, has undermined the foundations of American Democracy in accordance with the Rothschilds who own Facebook Inc.

Today is the True Dawn of the New Millennium. After today nothing will be the same in the United States of America and the World. After today, people will abandon the Social Networks. After today, people will create new forms of communication to avoid being imprisoned in the solitude in which the Anarcho-Capitalists want to force us.

Today we leave the Web and go down the street, go down the street to vote, where no one can grab the right to take possession of our photos, our status, our memories, our emotions, our ideas, our privacy, our lives to study us.

Today, Berners know even more the harshness of life and politics. And that, you must believe me, it is a privilege for us because now we have been given the responsibility to communicate what we have experienced and how can anyone live anywhere else in the world.

Today Bernie Sanders left the Democratic Party because it isn’t democratic, and becomes President of the United States because the people want it. And as long as the Great Fathers of the United States Federation of America will provide us the justice and freedom with their countless struggles and with the Constitution, also a Jew Socialist of Brooklyn can become President.

Today is the Beginning of The End of Communism Neoliberal. Today these offenders admitted that Bernie Sanders is a good person. Today Bernie is the first enemy, we’re the first enemy . And for this reason that today we take back what is ours.