Who won the Democratic debate?

We’ve been forced to endure the harassment of CNN and its commentators, we’ve been forced to endure the Hillary Clinton overexposure, we’ve been forced to their laughter, their improper comments, we heard CNN say that in Washington Square Park there were only a few thousand people while NYPD issued a statement in which it stated that it was nearly 50,000, we’ve been forced to observe Sanders framed by cameraman with Parkinson’s disease, while Hillary elegant dinners were framed perfectly by Olympic athletes, we’ve listened CNN mock Sanders ideas live, but now the debate has begun, and Bernie is giving her an unforgettable lesson.Bernie Sanders is winning the last debate in New York. Hillary Clinton is losing his proverbial safety and went to the mat repeatedly cause the narrative of Vermont Senator.

Right now, Sanders isn’t talking to newyorkers emotionalism, but is leading the battle rationally, aiming to make voters think clearly. He’s very calm and is instilling it to viewers, earning humbly every ovation. He isn’t losing patience in the superb face of Clinton that, when he speaks, nods and looks at chin up. Hillary Clinton will not make it to beat Bernie Sanders with smiles dictated by his nervousness.

In fact, his wife has claimed that she and her husband – in the case of Bernie defeat – would vote for Hillary Clinton. Tonight Bernie is so sure of his transformational leadership that is allowing the luxury to disappoint the supporters of the ‘Bernie or Bust’ knowing that he will not lose their confidence. He has established such a relationship of trust which can sometimes afford to go against their will.

Bernie tonight seems more conscious than ever of his position and clear his chances of winning the NY Primary thanks to his rally last night in Wasinginton Square Park which – according to estimates by the NYPD – brought together 48,000 people.

The debate seems to be one-way: Hillary Clinton is consuming all of his cartridges and his low blows and his attempts to tarnish Bernie Sanders end below the belt. It will not do anything to lie about the origin of the weapons from Vermont considered that the data tell the opposite. Clinton, in short, seems more likely to demolish the opponent to build her narrative.

She has no narration and has no fundamental to do it, given that his only major assignment in his life he covered unworthily, causing disaffection among Democratic voters and inducing low turnout. She seems more interested in chasing Bernie Sanders electoral program and does it to make less noticeable gap.

His strategists look like perfect fools who are more interested to wear clothes sewn from Aung San Suu Kyi tailor rather than give her a prammatic basis alternative to that of its competitor.

Unfortunately for her, the next to face the United States have high education, low use of TV and high use of the Web. And it’s for this reason that his conduct is invisible to voters with low education but it’s evident to those more educated. Lies with get you nowhere and Hillary is still too long.


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