Turnout of thousands in Manhattan for Bernie


Today Bernie Sanders has made a miracle: he raised thousands of enthusiastic people in Washington Square Park in the South of Manhattan. Spike Lee and Tim Robbins have attended his rally. Sanders has started the rally with a fairly loudly and excitedly, and he has incited the crowd. He has listed, as expected, the main points of his election program for tens of minutes without interruption.Then he has
taught a lesson of prayer and lowered his voice, abandoning the electoral program and charming than 27,000 people proceeding with his skills and his knowledge.

Sanders is the next FDR?


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  1. really concerned with voter registration tampering; is this fact or rumor ? most certainly happened in Arizona along with not opening 60% of polling sites….are there impartial monitors in place at key polling stations?

    I do not enjoy saying this but have absolutely zero faith in Clinton campaign conducting an honest effort.

  2. Great Work on this Poll!!!

    Does anyone remember just how far off the 2008 and 2012 Polls were??? THERE BACK!!! 😉 They know they used flawed Techniques too!!! Here is a old article that DETAILS them to help remind you…

    As you review them KEEP IN MIND the Polls are still in use by the Main Steam Media and they are CARELESSLY putting out there for “We The Peoples” Consumption…(DISINFORMATION is COUNTER INTELLIGENCE) Like TODAYS Bloomberg Poll (From Emerson showing Hillary 55% to Bernies 40% Titled “Trump, Clinton Lead in New York Before Tomorrow’s Primary: Emerson Poll”)

    When you go to the Techniques used by Emerson, it shows the familiar Landline Frame only that is so highly critiqued as INACCURATE because only OLD HOMES use Landline Communications… New homes are all VoIP and don’t use the old Frame Numbers, HENCE INACCURATE POLLS!!!

    So it does not include most of Bernies Voters that these Phones were NEVER AVAILABLE TOO!!!


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