Clinton voters decreased by 10%

hrcclosingfix-cover-photo.originalClinton voters decreased by 10%. Over the past 30 days.It is for this reason that now she promises heaven and earth. His strategists believe that California is lost. And for this reason they are preparing a final and desperate offensive in the North East. If Hillary Clinton were to be able to equalize in the five States called to vote on April 19 to 26, would force Sanders to win by more than 60% Indiana, Oregon and California. At that point, Bernie would have very little chance of winning the nomination.

But we are talking about science fiction scenarios because Clinton will chase Sanders to California because, although she has more delegates, has fewer votes and in a month she could have won fewer states than Sanders. The advantage of the delegates is a deception artfully conceived by the DNC and ridden by broadcasters.

The DNC, in fact, has believed that, to beat Sanders and to demoralize the Berners, would be enough to enter the states of Southern Comfort in the front pages of the Primaries calendar.

In this way, as is happening, US and global broadcasters would have spoken for months of his easy victory, its great endowment, doing it this way believe in the whole World that Sanders is just an appearance, and he runs for testimony.

Unfortunately for them it did not happen: Bernie is more polished than ever and the Berners are getting more and more and more motivated. E Clinton will sweat cold throughout the week 19 to 26 April.

They do not know which way to turn, and copy the Sanders electoral program so that it does not collapse the wall of their electorate. They say to the Clinton voters: “We promise the same things that promises Sanders, but we are more reliable, experienced, knowledgeable, beautiful: you can not refuse an offer like that!”.

They have a shameless approach, a way to campaign with the typical 80s style, are convinced that voters are stupid that you can easily manipulate. Nobody told them that they have invented the Internet, social networks, social media. These caryatids believe that just to dress Clinton as Aung San Suu Kyi to surprise, captivate the people and win elections. ‘Look at that wonderful dress!’.

May God protect us from them. Meanwhile, he reassures us with beautiful details: the Clinton constituency is crumbling and has lost 10% of its strength in just 30 days.