#BernieTakesNevada makes #BernieTakesClintonians


This night Bernie won twice. He won a State, some delegates, and a big smile, but above all, he has created a first breach in the wall of the monolithic electorate of Hillary Clinton.

I don’t know yet if this will widen the breach, but the fact is that it has already created three important effects. The first effect is the further demoralization and demotivation that #BernieTakesNevada caused it. The second effect, which is actually a ripple effect and that could become a domino effect, is the eventual abstention of Clinton supporters.

The third effect, the most important for Bernie Sanders, is the first real collapse of Clintonesque block. Through a survey of this night, a careful analysis of Google Trends data, such a meticulous how deep analysis of Sentiment based on 10 different affections, I could see that many voters voters of the former Secretary of State have now plans to vote Bernie Sanders.

It creaks for the first time since the beginning of the election campaign the hard core electorate of Clinton, and it takes into account Bernie. I quantified this slice of voters in the order of some hundreds of thousands: 3-5% of the voters who until now intended to vote in favor of Clinton.

In the next few hours I will know to be more precise.