Bernie Sanders will be the new Frank Delano Roosevelt

MR-Bernie-2016Bernie will be the new Frank Delano Roosevelt. He realized that from 2008 to date is 2008 every day and there is no remedy except to go to stop the anarchy of capitalism. The anarchy which is freedom for the 1% and slavery for 99%. neoliberalism.

Bernie is putting his heart and even risk his life because we all know the past and the history of Socialism is full of thinkers, philosophers and politicians murdered. Because they were too dangerous. The history repeats itself and the means to stop those who want change are always the same: the weapons.

By Salvador Allende to Aldo Moro, by Olof Palme to Yitzahk Rabin, by Benazhir Bhutto to John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother Robert. Between 1960 and 1978 the 1% has killed Democratic Socialists and Democrats all over the World to establish the Trickle-Down Economy. From which it’s drained just blood. Just blood.

Bernie knows these things, and who knows how many times he has cried over the death of men that represented an obstacle to the deregulation. Bernie is an Iron Man man and isn’t afraid of anything. He has against himself half of America, but he knows he has to do it because there is not time and the death is just one stage of our eternal life.

Bernie will be the new Frank Delano Roosvelt. He will restore the Glass-Steagall Act. He will stop the TPP and TTIP. He will never allow the establishment of private courts able to say to our democracies what they should do. He will make America once again famous for the well-being and not only for the imperialism and war. He will do what our fathers did after the Great Depression of the 30’s and after WWII: he will recreate the Middle-Class.

At November Sanders will sound the alarm to the World Left and to the whole World. When at January he will enter the Oval Office, it will give the force to oppose the 1% to the Western Democrats and Social Democrats Parties. It will give them the strength to regenerate themselves and the courage to face the conservative forces head on.

And Bernie knows all this. His eventual election will trigger a political earthquake worldwide that will lead the Left-Wing to become hegemonic and to supplant the neo-liberal socialism.

Governments will fall, major coalitions will fall, the political fragmentation of the Left will be reinstated, will be born a new Progressivism which will put an end to the World emerged from the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Bernie Sanders will be the new Frank Delano Roosevelt.