Sanders is making a World Revolution

LA Panaramic View by Michael Holdon

People come from all over the world. Humanity’s destiny is at stake. The Progressives are mobilizing in the hope of creating a new World Progressivism. They work day and night against Wall Street. The planet is in danger and the only hope is in Vermont senior.

These days can change the Planet. These days can change the course of History. It could return to wave the red flag of Democratic Socialism. The Democratic Socialism, the one that freed women, children and workers from slavery. The Democratic Socialism who fought for the conquest of rights. The rights of the weakest. The rights of those most at risk and need protection. The right to be fully themselves and to be realized. The right to be a better man in a better world.

It’s happening that the Empire’s periphery wants to rescue the Capital because life has become untenable. They’re all sick. They all suffer for something. And they look forward to change that. Because Humanity doesn’t do it anymore. People come from everywhere. There’s a desire for a New Progressivism. There’s awareness dictated by quickly that it’s easier to change the periphery taking advantage of the freedom offered by the Capital city.

Girls and boys dream of a better world. And the expectations for the Senator from Vermont, alone against all, are perhaps excessive. They dream of the end of Neoliberalism. They dream of the end of Blairism. They dream of the end of deregulation. They dream of the end of the Trickle-Down Economy. The end of Smith and Ricardo thought.

They claim that the elderly gentleman change not only America but their countries of origin. They claim that he changes Socialism in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia.

That want he send home Worlwide ruling class, guilty to have created in the Old Continent a Post-Democracy. They hope that he talks with Pope Francis and that together they can turn the page to a chapter of history too bad to be true. The lowest point that humanity has reached. The eternal Second World War that threatens to extinguish the Human Race and destroy the Planet.

People come from all over the Globe. People is ready for a New Revolution. A Revolution that will not be televised. And Revolutions are always made in the Capital Cities of the Empires. Where it’s easier. Where it’s possible.

Make The Future Now.


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  1. What underlies this Democratic race is a fundamental difference between the two candidates. One believes that change happens because smart elites cut deals in private and the obstacle to this elite deal-making are loud, indecorous, non-elite social movements.

    The other knows that change happens because social movements grow so large, so loud, so powerful, so undisputed in their occupation of the moral high ground that elites, in private, begin pretending that those movements’ demands were their idea all along.

  2. Bernie Sanders gives us hope, as we see our country and the planet crumbling around us. He gives us the courage to fight for goodness again. He gives us hope to be able to change our world for the good of all creation. He gives us hope that we can do it together with one voice for decency. He gives us hope to fight for the rights that our forefathers put forth for us in the Bill Of Rights. He gives us hope that we can build a new democracy with respect for all races, creeds and gender. He gives us hope that we can build each other up and create a better world peace. He makes us want to try harder to bring all these aspirations to fruition.. God Bless our World that you created and God Bless America. Help us Lord in this endeavor. Let us not look down on anyone but build each other up. With you as our guide. …..we will do it. Onward to victory. #Go Bernie. #Feelthebern. #AlltgewaywithBernie

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