New York Democratic voters are smashing 6 million, the GOP has lost more than a million

berniesanders030816New York Democratic voters are smashing 6 million, the GOP has lost more than a million, while the Independents have grown by 100,000 since 2008.

In New York’s happening around: Bernie Sanders is setting the stage for unforgettable primaries. Senator of Vermont is sewing up the distance that existed until today with the African American electorate.

Hillary is no longer credible and the world could collapse on her at any moment. Personally I’m sorry but she became a candidate blackmailed by anyone and she could not govern peacefully if she would become the next President of the United States. She would be a ball and chain for America and for Americans.

In short, Hillary, as a responsible person, should first solve its own troubles, and only after she could afford to think to solve people’s problems. I’m sorry, but at a certain age the ordinary people behave in this way. Unfortunately, however, the world of politics is different from real life and its dynamics induce famous politicians in maintaining their position in order not to end up in jail. They might take hostage of their affairs the country they represent.

So, I said that Bernie Sanders will make April 19 a memorable day. The people acclaim him, they are mobilized every day to help him, despite the fatigue of a day’s work that never ends, although many times politics has disappointed or even abandoned them. Sanders now has the possibility to repay them after they have invested all their hopes in his victory.

I have already talked a lot of Hispanic Community in previous articles, and should be said once again that they will tow the next Birdie aka Bernie Sanders victory because they are the 40% of New York State population.

But, today is the day of the African American community, that has infinitely appreciated the last great gesture of Bernie: an unbelievable rally in the heart of the Bronx. As JFK did for the last time. African Americans don’t forget and don’t want to have debts: April 19 they pay off the debt voting as much as possible

The Independents data they’re also absurd. 100,000 independent voters more, in my humble opinion, are 100,000 voters for Sanders. 100,000 more than 350,000 registered in 2008! Nearly half a million votes for Bernie that don’t come from the Democratic Party. They will be added to the votes coming from voters of all other existing parties in New York lists.

My task for all of you is to try to understand how many of the Republicans who are missing will vote for Bernie. And finally, it will be necessary to study the behavior of the conservatives (they increased by a few thousand) and pro-families.

That said, it’s Saturday night, and I deserve a beer. Good Night America.