Bronx has crowned the new President of the United States

Between April 19 and April 26 Sanders will win New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. And it will be a triumph of Democracy. April 26, Sanders will solve also its problems with Superdelegates because, after a similar popular investiture, the Democratic Party will not oppose the will of the American people.

It’s going to happen the impossible, the unpredictable, the unequivocal. In short, 19 April Sanders win New York and, beyond the magnitude of success, this success will leave a stain on the credibility and strength of Clinton.

It must be said that: as I have always said, the Bernie Sanders victory in the State of Hillary Rodham, is much more symbolic than important from the point of view of Pledged Delegates because, if that happens, America and Clintonians would listen to the echo of his defeat for at least a week. And a week later the Americans will return to vote exactly in the North East.

Americans will return to vote in a surreal atmosphere and after the knock-out blow dealt by Sanders, many Clintonians will be missing. This could be the leitmotiv of the second and third part of the Democratic Primary 2016: high turnout for Sanders and low turnout for Clinton.

In these two days, for example, taking a look at Google Trends, I discovered how Clintonians, after the latest Bernie victories, have begun to fear, are less motivated, and many times they are attracted to the same Bernie. They don’t accept that Clinton has subtract herself from the next debate, their certainties about the integrity of Clinton in the ‘Mail Affair’ are increased. If it happens what I preach in this article, they will eventually abstain from voting. It would be a real tragedy for Hillary.

So, I can reveal that 26 April Sanders will win all States and. From Idaho to Rhode Island, it would mean 15 States in a row.

My election projection says Bernie Sanders on that day, winning with 58% average, earn at least 223 Pledged Delegates, while Clinton ‘only’ 161. In other words, Bernie recovers 62 Pledged Delegates at once that will add to 143 in New York (Clinton 104), 52 in Wisconsin (Clinton 34) and 17 in Wyoming (Clinton 7).

So, if today we start from 1,262 (Clinton) to 1,028 (Sanders), April 26 we will get 1,568 to 1,463. 100 Pledged Delegates of detachment.

With this detachment, granted the victory in Oregon, New Jersey, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, Bernie can afford the ‘luxury’ to win in California with minimum waste. D’you know what I mean?


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