Bernie has the average of 58% in the North East


Until now Bernie has achieved good results in the North East. He won Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and drew in Massachusetts, while Bill Clinton broke the law, campaigning at the entrance of the seats.

Having won in Maine with 64.3%, in New Hampshire with 60.4%, in Vermont with 86.1%, and having lost in Massachusetts with 48.7%, my average is, at the time, of 64.9%. Without the Vermont average would be 57.8%. But, in contrast, not counting New York, it would grow again.

It’s highly unlikely, if not impossible, that the average of the next States to the above-mentioned Area may fall or rise by much.

Electorates tend to be conservative, and they change with difficulty. It will be very difficult to see moves from one candidate to another. That’s why, the changes, if there are, they will be due to the behavior of the electorate less ideological, less lined, independent.

This electorate, which exists but isn’t expressed, is made of young people willing to attend American Universities, Hispanics who have the need to receive political representation in Washington, underpaid workers or poor workers, people affected by the financial disaster of 2008. In short, it’s an electorate that demands answers and wants to be heard.

If these people go to vote, even if only minimally, Bernie would triumph in the North Atlantic. The numbers are on his side, and, especially in New York, the average age is low, the Hispanic community represents 40% of the city population, underpaid workers are hundreds of thousands and they try to pay the onerous University attending, while people who have lost a home due to the Lehman Brothers crack are countless.

For this reason Bernie has to push hard on the accelerator. He must always keep up the motivation of his electorate because, unlike Clinton’s electorate is less experienced and less ideological or less overtly political. The Sanders electorate, also said Berners, perhaps the last hope for the United States to reverse course that is leading the country to self-destruction.

It’s a real political revolution from the bottom and from the needs of the less vulnerable and more at risk people. The Berners are not only the future of the US but of the entire Planet.

The esteemed Noam Chomsky teaches: if Trump wins we risk the extinction of the human species. I, however, would do well attention to Clinton. Because you never know.