Sanders is in the lead by 20 points in Wisconsin


Wisconsin is one of the states that is part of the so-called wildfire. It borders the states that were more than benevolent towards Bernie Sanders.

It has no big cities and it favors the Senator views its difficulty in some areas of the US to defeat Hillary Clinton in the metropolis. Among the major city there are Milwaukee and Madison that should be respectively tending toward Clinton and Sanders. In layman’s terms, Clinton would collect the legacy of Barack Obama only in Milwaukee.

Clinton didn’t just win or tie in Milwaukee because the rest of Wisconsin is characterized by small and medium-sized cities that promote the features demonstrated by Bernie Sanders around America.

What’s more, Milwaukee is not Chicago, its population is 1/10 of the whole state and it haven’t a decisive influence on the final result. The African American community, then, is very low and the advantage in the Black vote that the former Secretary of State has thus far demonstrated through their vote, it will not be decisive.

Wisconsin is a White State (83.3% non-Hispanic white, 5.9% Hispanic White), the African American Community is 6.3%, while 1.0% is Native American and Alaska Native, 2.3% is Asian American, 1.8% Multiracial American and 2.4% some other race.

Given that this year the African American community is not mobilized, for obvious reasons, as in 2008, it’s possible a clear victory of Sanders thanks to the sum of the minorities which this year have always supported him.

So, hang enormously on the side of Sanders: 1. A wealth of research on Google that interests him is twice as much as Clinton; 2. The presence of Wisconsin in an area bordering states where Sanders was expressed in an extremely effective manner; 3. The lack of large cities favoring Clinton; 4. The lack of an African American Community that makes winning Clinton; 5. The presence of many minoritieswhich are voting for Bernie Sanders; 6. The favorable trend that Sanders has with the last five won states without leaving a single county to Clinton; 7. The presence of many small-medium centers, which most people incorporate the messages and the Sanders electoral program; 8. The absence in these small-medium centers of large African American community; 9. The passion that inhabitants of rural areas, manufacturing and industrial cities are demonstrating for the Senator from Vermont; 10. The defeat of Clinton in this State in 2008.

That said, according to the data in our possession, Sanders will win in Wisconsin with about 60%.


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  1. Do NOT be Complacent, Go Vote Vote Vote !!!! Dear Berners !!!!!! Important Message Here !!!

    This happened in Arizona, this is about to happen again in CA, Maryland, NY, NJ, & PA !!!!! There are some reports about voters’ party affiliation changed behind their backs !!!!! If you are in any of states with closed primaries, who didn’t vote yet – Check your party affiliation now !!!!! You can expect everything from the one, who will not be named, but you all know who! Be Extremely Vigilant !!!!! Do NOT let them rob our Rights to Vote !!!!

    (1) We must all check that our registrations have not been tampered with, as there had been plenty of reports of people who were properly registered as Democrats being changed from D to something else so they can’t vote in the primaries
    (2) Very important: If you find that you were a victim of this, please, please, please report to the aclu, the campaign, FEC and … even the DNC (so that later it can be proved that they knew about it). There will be strength in numbers in this. All of us who had suffered anything shady in this election must report to have enough to build a very clear case to fight back.

    I looked up my Vote by Mail Status and I copied and pasted it to my email box and it worked! Now I can print it in my apartments computer lab just in case they don’t send me my voter registration card. Everyone else should do this too! I feel the need to also tell people: please bring various forms of proof of your voter registration!!! Check, print, screenshot, whatever you have to do. And KEEP checking it! Even 2 days before your voting date as the “switch” may happen shortly before voting!! Verify your registration here:

    1. I agree. One should never take the one Poll as gospel. What is the CNN Poll saying? That is high traffic area. I am not familiar with this site and as a researcher I have seen a multitude of pollings since last year … not this one. For all I know the owner is a Hillary trickster.
      Keep working the phones, the streets and the papers. Better to be safe and crush the win, than compacent and lose by a point or two. 🙂

  2. We’ve gotten so lost in the pie fights, I think we’ve forgotten what we’re doing here..electing a President of the United States..leader of the free world..and executor of the progressive policies we all share and support. So in my own words, here’s why I support Hillary Clinton for President.

    Hillary is her own person. She’s advocated for equal opportunity for all children all her life. She wrote “It Takes a Village” over twenty years ago. She’s advocated for women’s rights around the world all her life.

    She is a skilled negotiator and a team player. Obama picked her as his Secretary of State for good reasons and she performed admirably.

    She’s a bit wonky..which means to me that she understands the nuances of public policy and how to pragmatically implement actual change, while holding on to the significant gains made during the Obama administration. So here’s to wonk.

    On a person-to-person level, she relates well to a broad diversity of people. In those elements, she excels at listening. She follows up her listening with commitment and hard work.

    She shares the goals of universal access to health care with those who advocate for single payer, while understanding that in this country to get from here to there, steps must be taken. Obamacare was the first big step that laid the groundwork and she will carry forth from there.

    She actually is trustworthy, smart, capable, and strong.

    She will surround herself with good, capable team. She will work with her allies for the benefit of all Americans.

    She will pull support from center independents and Republicans disgusted with their own party, as well as from Democrats and progressives.

    She is the strongest candidate to compete in the general and the best person to take us forward as President.

    No candidate understands the needs and concerns of women and families in this country and around the world more or is better positioned to implement policies nationally and worldwide to strengthen them.

    Justice and opportunity for all is not just a slogan for her. She has worked for these issues all her life and will continue to do so.

    She’s evolved progressively and with our support will continue to do so.

    Therefore, proud to be standing with Hillary Clinton.

    1. Hillary is not her own person. She’s a puppet for corporations. Don’t believe me? Ask Elizabeth Warren.
      She’s not a skilled negotiator.. A skilled negotiator would have gotten us Single Payer. A skilled negotiator would have won against a black man with a muslim sounding name.
      Her understanding of nuance is similar to a 5 year olds. If she understood it, she wouldn’t have voted for the war in Iraq.
      No. She doesn’t share the goal of universal access to healthcare. She shares the goal of making health insurance companies rich.
      She is NOT honest, trustworthy or capable. Don’t care if she’s smart or strong.
      Her team will be insiders with banks and corporations.
      She is losing to independents by a HUGE margin. Republicans despise her.
      She’s losing to Kasich. Within the margin of error with Cruz. Barely beating Trump. Bernie is trashing all of them. He’s beating Trump by double digits
      Bernie understands it better than her, simply because he’s not in a bubble and surrounded by money.
      Her idea of justice got a third of black men behind bars.
      She’s not evolved. She’s moving to the right as it goes towards the general.
      You’re an idiot.

    2. Please come back to reality. She circumvented the state department by setting up her own email server. Did not respond to FOIA requests until required by courts years after many requests. She tried to wipe the server. There is an FBI investigation. Classified emails were on her private server. She was a classification authority and was responsible for ensuring sensitive data was marked classified and not sent outside of government channels. There is no way she could have done her job without having classified information. Wake up!

    3. Hillary IS NOT her own person. She has been bought and paid for actually. She now belongs to Wall Street, the industrialized war machine that has taken over the American Military, and Big Pharm… Just to name a few…. She represents corporate interests over human interests and there is just no denying it.
      As for the rest of your comment… It’s all just opinion. And let me tell you that myself and most of the people in the U.S. and abroad have the exact opposite opinions as you.
      Sorry to burst the bubble of Cinton lies you have been living in.

    4. How many other candidates are being investigated for violating federal law? Can’t remember…

  3. Afraid she is going to commit more voting fraud especially since that she does well when the computers lose people’s party affiliation or regesration

  4. I want change. America wants change. This is evident in the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. I’ve always been a registered voter with the Green Party of America. I’ve always voted “green”, not because I have an illusion that this great nation will miraculously elect a green candidate, but because people need to know there is a third party offering a better candidate, and because it’s within my moral capacity. No, I don’t vote for republicans nor democrats; I vote for the most fit, and up until now the Green Party has been the only party that has given me this this option. But this year, I will not be voting for Jill Stein, presidential candidate with the Green Party. No, I have found someone else. Someone that doesn’t represent a party, but a nation. Someone that is offering us true change even though it might bring dire consequences. Someone ready to move on to the next phase of the universes blueprint, but will leave a legacy behind. I’m sure by now everyone knows who I’m talking about.

  5. Why stop ay 60%?? I’m from Seattle Washington. We bumped it to 72%! Make us proud. Get your friends to come with you, have voting parties.

    The time for action is now!

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