It will be no more county where Sanders will fall below 40%


Clinton hasn’t even won a precinct in the last 5 states. A look at the maps tell you where and in what way Sanders still win. Sanders gets better and better and the average of 5 counties won in total by state by Clinton will be lowered further when the word will go to the inhabitants of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon, California. Clinton, in this case, he ripped Sanders only 2 counties in New Hampshire, 10 in Massachusetts, 12 in Nevada, 2 in Oklahoma, 25 in Maine 37 in Nebraska and 0 in Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Hawaii . The average is 5 counties to the state. But Clinton doesn’t win a county from a month ago. I said, in fact, that by looking at the map of the US is easy to see that in the west the road is completely blocked, while in Mid-East and in the North Atlantic, there are more affordable rates for Clinton, but still prohibitive. We talk about 5 percentage points lower ahead by Sanders. And, so, for a change, and to repeat what we have already stated earlier, California is a state with half percentage similar to that of Washington and half from the percentages by State of Central America. it must be said, as the maps show us that it isn’t possible for Sanders in California can take to any county under 40%.massa3michi10MINNE0NEBRA2nevada12oklahoma2