Sanders is going to win New York with 58%

Bernie Sanders is one step away from victory. He’s joined, in recent months, in the hearts of Hispanics, and the results have already glimpsed in Nevada and Arizona where, although these are Southern States, people voted for him beyond belief. It will get better in New Mexico (one of three states along with California and Hawaii that aren’t in majority White) and even more in California and New York. According to my calculations, he currently enjoys the votes of 7.5% of the Hispanic Community, while Clinton and limps recently serves that African Community prefer her to a mere 0.3% (2.5% to 2.2%).

untitled-report (8) It’s for this reason that Sanders should not even look for the debate with Clinton in New York. He got his refusal and she proved once again to be afraid. Now he must go on and, if by chance Clinton would accept the comparison, it would mean that she’s far behind in the polls. In my humble opinion he should not accept, reasons the choice by his lack of desire to spend time behind these games.


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  1. There is one unknown. Clinton has deep roots and many connections to persons holding official roles for voting day. We have seen what can happen in Ariz. It is possible for New York supporters who are also voting day officials to (in a coordinated and systematic manner) wreck havoc with Bernie Sanders voters and votes. It is vital that all Bernie Sanders voters arrive early in the day and inform employers that they could be delayed. Let us hope weather is cooperative. peace.

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