Even the dead will vote Sanders in California and New York

The infographic is based on a few certainties: 1. So far the turnout was low because the Dems who voted predominantly in areas of the South, where people barely know the Senator Sanders; 2. The thing is absolutely facilitated by the media blackout and the lack of internet coverage in many areas; 3. For this reason, Clinton has, so to speak, competed alone and could not pull the turnout, considering that she took fewer votes that in 2008 when, again in the South, lost everywhere; 4. The sum of the factors is the following: the turnout has dropped because there are no primaries: the candidate who won was weak and the one who lost was almost unknown; 5. The increases in turnout were coming out of this infernal circle and even more if Sanders wins or he’s allowed to win; 6. From the analysis of the vote comes out even the composition of the electorate, and the appearance that matters to emphasize more, is the following: the African-American community isn’t going to vote as in 2008 and, when it does, is divided almost equally between HRC and Birdie (2.5% of the general population for Clinton; 2.2% for Sanders); 7. The Hispanic community, however, is expressed by mobilizing 7.5% of its own for Bernie Sanders, and prefers the former First Lady only 2.5%; 8. Numbers in hand, this year, the Democratic turnout primaries will be driven by their own unknown Senator in the Deep South. Sanders, in fact, he will cross 10 million votes, while Clinton will remain under 9 million. Not bad for two old men who aren’t populists. 9; It should be remembered that not only California has a state majority Hispanic like New Mexico, but that, in New York Hispanics are more of African Americans. 40% of Latinos compared to 35%

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