The media blackout is an incredible own goal



The media blackout is an incredible own goal: 1. In doing so, they shrink Berners; 2. Berners friends and families become united and begin to understand and Bernie Berners ideas through the following frame ‘My son and my friend was right: democracy is in danger’; 3. The Hawaiians will vote for Sanders for President because they have been ignored; 4. Hillary Clinton will be found guilty of what happened, and there will be another frame ‘She wins only because it is protected by the broadcasters: she is corrupt and therefore is a dangerous and unreliable person’. 5 At the end there is the last frame ‘This is the first time I see something like this: I fear for my freedom and for the future of my country; 6. Sanders will become a victim and as a rule, supporters of those who become victims huddle around him; 7. Now Americans know that Sanders is right on Wall Street and Turner and give him the empathy and solidarity; 8. The media blackout forces Berners in ghettoized in social networks, and this is good because they can boycott broadcasters and can mobilize for the election campaign; 9. ‘Jimmy Carter is right’ the US is an oligarchy. Fans of Carter will become Fans of Sanders; 10. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.