If Sanders had won the 5 indicted States would have 100 delegates more


If Sanders had won the 5 indicted States would have, today, 100 delegates more. Apparently Bernie Sanders, his supporters and American Democracy, has been stoled and raped by the DNC and Clinton. The DNC, in fact, this year has reduced the number of seats, and it didn’t allow the American voters and to American Democracy to express themselves freely.

The halving of the seats if not their 65% cut, it has deliberately caused endless rows of eager voters expressed that after hours of waiting, have decided almost always, and as expected by the DNC, to return home.

That in today’s Democratic Party is a huge stain of dishonor that has as its most devastating effect of inducing people to permanently lose faith in the party and in the country. If Bernie Sanders had won in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts and Nevada, according to my estimates, he would have now a gap almost halved and about 100 delegates more.

The US is still a democracy? Or, as says former President Jimmy Carter, they have become an oligarchy? The US is now the case for moving along the same path traced by the European Union? It would be more appropriate to speak of the West as a Post-Democracy in the hands of 1% of the population? And, conscious of the fact that I can make you the storytelling too pessimistic, because today is reassuring to think of a West structured as opposed Russian and Chinese oligarchy? Not a beautiful scenery!

Sanders has the right and the duty to fight to ensure that things will change for himself, supporters, US citizens and, nevertheless, for the rest of the World, who sees him as one of the last hopes for change the system.

Sanders is scary and if the DNC has come to those provisions, means that Wall Street has no intention of giving anything to 99% of the World population, which will not allow a reduction of the Big Banks, that it will not pay a penny more in taxes , who wants to directly control the US through its own representatives, who care little political color, so to affect the international dynamics and maintain its power until the end of days.

Nevertheless, the way that Bernie has before it, if the DNC doesn’t continue to boycott him, is in a literal descent. In fact, he is going to win tomorrow in Alaska with 75%, in Hawaii with 75%, in Washington with 75%, in Wisconsin with 67%, in Wyoming with 70% and he will earn around 100 delegates to Clinton in a one shot.

After this round, the race will continue with a win in New York of about 6-10 points and, the circle of hell of States in which he will impose, is in the order: Connecticut with 60%, Indiana with 60%, Maryland with 70%, New Jersey with 55%, Oregon with 70%, Pennsylvania with 55%.

He would lose only in Kentucky with 45%, in Puertorico with 40% and three of the still smaller states to meet: Guam, Virgin Islands, and New Mexico. Hillary Rodham Clinton race will end in California where losing to Bernie Sanders with a result that will be around the 57,57% to 43,43%. This result will mature thanks to a very good result in Southern California, where Sanders, thanks to the metropolitan area of San Diego, will succeed in not succumbing to the strength of the former First Lady and, indeed, snatch two percentage points above the break-even and a resounding showdown due to a very high turnout, and in Northern California and, more specifically, in the metropolitan areas of San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland.

If everything goes as it should, if the voters will be given the freedom to express themselves freely and without hindrance, if the media is ‘notice’ of the historical significance of what is happening at this time, on June 7, the United States, after 70 years, will recover a Socialist candidate in the Presidential Elections. And, perhaps, the next president of the United States.