Bloomberg Poll is a Fake: It’s a Clintonian war draft


Sanders leads of 10 points. My trends say that, at present, the Senator from Vermont, will win the next states to come up with an average of 55.02%, and that if the turnout will continue to be high, and the DNC will not cut without any plausible reason, the number of seats made available to voters, robbing, he will gather about 11 million votes.

This means that, after collecting 2,888,000 votes in the Deep South and, after collecting 3,267,000 votes out of it, if the trend were to continue it in his favor, he would collect approximately 5,796,000 other until the end of the primary: an incredible achievement.

That said, the Bloomberg Data are waste paper. They even have the same value of the paper they were printed. This data, created by marketing and communication experts – and perhaps not so much experts – with the intent to entice Clintonians to make a last effort because the goal – according to popular opinion, crafted by the media – is near. It does not. This is the fantasy that beats the reality and let live people in a dream by psychotic features.

The ‘truth’ is that Clinton and his most loyal men know that the Mid-West, the West Coast, the Great Lakes and the North Atlantic will be a single color, and that the only way to win these primaries is to work on a top priority: avoid Berner avalanche in California and New York. Because after the victory in Arizona, Hillary could even win only in Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware and Maryland.

She will succeed the former Secretary of State has put up a firewall for the first time in his life? It will be enough the reduction of seats in Los Angeles and in New York only to those provided in his home and at the home of Nancy Pelosi? She will force Bernie Sanders to propose new measures to copy and pass off as their own? Her husband will be able to present themselves in all the seats – between those who remained – so to pollute the vote? And most importantly, how much longer we Democrats should wait before reading a survey that gives the lead Bernie Sanders in this or that state? Will continue to give it 30 points below even in Vermont?

We’ll know in the next episodes.


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