Anonymous: Hillary has stolen Sanders in Iowa, Nevada, Massachusetts and Arizona


Fraud is so devastating that, in order to understand its true scope, it should be introduced to use the ‘Enter Polls’. In this way, we would understand that there is disparity of opinion among those who have had the opportunity to vote and who is not had it all. It’s precisely for this reason that I doubt about the total absence of Exit Polls concerning the primaries in Arizona in television networks. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, given that, in Arizona, after having scrutinized only 0.1% of the votes, the media have published and broadcast a first partial result by which stood a distinct advantage by Clinton of about 80,000 that multiplied percent would make Arizona the most populous Hispanic state of the World, would make Spanish the most used language in the World and would lead the US to become a Great New Mexico with a total population such as to undermine India and China. Put simply, this is the biggest nightmare for Donald Trump and one of the greatest achievements that mankind has ever experienced. Set aside the bullshit, what is happening within the US Democratic Party is so creepy to call into question the scope of its core values and the core values of the United States, which in DEM have always seen and found party place to the protection of American and Worldwide freedom and Democracy. The DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the establisment of the party, today are guilty of a crime so serious as to endanger the US brand, showing the World an authoritarian and dictatorial style like the glorious CPSU, in order to allow Wall Street to maintain the undisturbed its power. To my knowledge, this has never happened in a Western country after the Second World War that one of its democracies cut off clearly the number of seats made available to the public to prevent the proper conduct of the election. Neoliberalism is nearing completion, but its backlash are worthy of more stringent Royal Soviet Socialism.