Today began the Democratic primary


Bernie Sanders has swept in Idaho and Utah and lost with dignity in Arizona: the last state of the Deep South. He, along with Clinton, who built the humanitarian corridor from Mexico, through these states, goes to Canada, in anticipation of a victory in the upcoming Presidential Elections of the magnate Donald Trump, who has resisted to the end near the border.

I hope that today Hillary Clinton has eaten enough and that she has stocked up because it expects herself a lean month. She’s expected to Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Wyoming and New York. And in conclusion, 26/4, one day, as decisive as the transition, in which we will have to vote in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware. She may end up with broken bones.

Bernie Sanders, however, writes the agenda, while the former Secretary of State chases. He, after having traveled far and wide across the state of Washington and, after bringing to the Key Arena 25,000 people, he went to California and, just today, did television testimony live from a rally crowd in San Diego, while, on the other hand, Ms. Rodham chased in his own way the tour of the Senator, arranging an elegant dinner which was attended by wealthy people.

At this point, given its propensity to take a cue from her opponents, rather than lose, it would be a must wonder what would be the real political weight of the former First Lady.

She was victim years ago of a betrayal that made her go in the hearts of Americans and, for which reason, she became a victim – an immense fortune for a winning political. Later, she has received the sincere support from her husband, from all over the establishment of the Democratic Party and she has been overexposed by the broadcasters, that fund his campaign, despite the absence of political merits and, finally, she has been defended by corporations of Wall Street and facilitated by the deafening silence – anything but impartial – the current President of the United States Barack Obama.

It’s, perhaps, a bit too much for the good Bernie.