10 reasons why Sanders should run as an Independent


1. The victories in Republican States have a clear signal that Bernie Sanders attracts conservative electorate besides democratic; 2. The hashtag #BernieOrBust, just to name one, denotes what his electorate isn’t at all inclined to identify with the Democratic candidates, who are absolute establishment expression and, therefore, it allows a glimpse, at the same time, both the massive presence inside his ingroup of independent voters both the existence of a majority share of the population – approximately 52% – that if he decides to leave his party, it would take even more seriously the idea to vote for him; 3. It’s clear that Americans do not recognize themselves more in the two historical parties and that the increase of the influx is clearly due to the presence in the GOP primary as well as to those in the Democrats, of two politicians out of the box or not belonging to this or that strong power (this is how the American voters perceive Sanders and Trump, although the latter is, in reality apical expression richest 1% of the American population); 4. Bernie Sanders, unfortunately, if elected in his party, would meet strong resistance both from the same party, still too tied to a neo-liberal vision of politics and economics, both the media so-called liberal media that would help one day and the other as well as the minority of his party in take back the power; 5. As already happened in the past, the right wing of the democratic party and the left wing of the Republican party would vote more than once against his orders and would dispossess him the opportunity to veto on important issues for his current election campaign; 6. If elected as an independent, Sanders would bring to Congress a new ruling class and favorably deployed with him and his election program; 7. In this way, he would put into practice a political project by the strongly Social Democrats connotations as well as had never seen since FDR times; 8. There would have, also, to wonder if, beyond the Elizabeth Warren and John McCain bipartisan effort to restore the Glass-Steagall, will be feasible or not to the representatives convince apparatuses anarcho-capitalists of the two parties. Who would have the courage to go against the same people that have allowed them to be elected? 9. Would Sanders succeed where even President Barack Obama – which has the strong support of Wall Streets – encounters problems of all sorts?;10. It would not be the case for the Vermont senator to leave a strong legacy to Americans through the creation of an alternative party to neoliberalism and US forces together with other progressive movements that it can become a spokesman for a vision of politics and the country, gone forgotten with McCarthyism if not, indeed, with the birth of the Democratic Party. That same Democratic Party that has the historical guilt of having repudiated it and passed off as old-fashioned.



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