Sanders can reduce the gap from Clinton of 1/6

The signals are clear: the wind will change and Clinton will run for cover.
Sanders is going to win a lot of the next states and, most likely, in 48 hours he will win four small victories but heavy: Ariziona, Idaho, Utah and Democrats Abroad.
These four challenges are worth 165 delegates. As if we were playing the game again in Illinois or Pennsylvania.
Bernie is about to win the Abroad with 70% and, therefore, to put in the bag 9 of the 13 delegates at stake.
If the percentages of its results were to remain high in the three states where the competition will move on Tuesday, it would be the beginning of the end for Clinton.
Arizona, Idaho and Utah, added together, they are worth 131 delegates, and if the Vermont senator were to establish itself in the three states with an average of 60%, he would gain 79 delegates, while the former Secretary of State only 52.
These delegates, added to those of Democrats Abroad, they would bring Sanders to reduce the gap 1/6 of the total delegates to Clinton. The new account of the delegates would be as follows: 1181 pledge Delegates to Clinton and 916 to Sanders. The new gap between the two Democratic competitors would be only 265 Delegates.