Sanders leads Trump by 15 points outside the South


Bernie Sanders has taken so far 5,760,000 votes against 6,856,000 votes for Donald Trump. 16% less of the votes of the American billionaire. But, as we all know, in recent months, the race for the nomination has mainly affected the states of the Southern Comfort, distorting the values in the field. A race perceived even more upset if we think of all those states in which there were the caucus.
That said, in the rest of the US the situation is completely the opposite. Sanders leads Trump by 15 points: 3,218,000 votes to 2,757,500. This is proof that the Sanders campaign is not over yet, that it has yet to give the best and, most importantly, it opens up new openings in the Presidential optics. In poor words, Sanders can challenge his opponents at the next elections as an Independent and aim to win, stronger than a certainty: his weakness, his Achilles’ heel, the South, would in fact most contestable then now if there were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As if to say: between the two litigants has the third.
It must be said that the advantage it will increase again and again because we will face hostile states to Trump and this will only trigger within the Democratic Party, such a heated debate, that could put at risk the monholitic support to Hillary Clinton, so taken by scandals and so weak in the polls against rumored Republican candidate Donald Trump.