LSP Simulation: Sanders can win even losing New York

My last simulation concerns the race for the nomination of the Democratic Party. Aforementioned race has come to part 2.0 and, if I may say so, starts right now. This is because Hillary Clinton has had, so to speak, enough lucky to compete in the first part of his new adventure in the most congenial State to her, amassing a lead that seems insurmountable to the less informed. This is absolutely far away from the truth and I will try to explain how Sanders has before even the possibility of a comeback. We all know that Senator Vermont is going to face duel days characterized by very favorable states.

In detail, I made a simulation, starting from some assumptions accepted or made manifest by yhe pollsters best known of America.

On this basis I have:
1. Simulated Hillary Clinton’s victory in the State of New York with 50% plus one vote
2. Simulated Bernie Sanders victory in California with 60%
3. Simulated Hillary Clinton win in Indiana, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, West Virginia with 60%
4. Simulated Bernie Sanders win in Alaska, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska with an average of 60%
5. Simulated, in order, Bernie Sanders victory with in Connecticut 57%, Delaware with 60%, Washington with 65%, Wisconsin with 58%, Maryland with 60%, New Jersey with 55%, Oregon with 65%, Pennsylvania with 55%.

In this way, Bernie Sanders would overtake Hillary Clinton on June 7, and would become the Democratic candidate for the White House.