Trump made Sanders unbeatable

Donald Trump has called into question Bernie Sanders regarding violence happened during his rally in Chicago. Trump has exploited the affair urging Sanders to stop their violent supporters. A huge lie. However, not all evil comes to harm. Trump fact, attacking Sanders, proves quite awkward and, what ever transpired before, reveals the strategic failure of its staff. Why? Because of the points I will briefly enumerate:
1. Trump finally gives visibility to Bernie
2. Broadcasters Shall speak, more often of Bernie
3. The independent voters will take a stand
4. Berniacs ingroup will be welded and will not lose blackberries than one vote
5. Bernie (no Hillary) was chosen Those specific to tear down the enemy number one of American democracy.
Trump is an assistman. And Bernie must make goals. Because it has the opportunity to come out, managing to enter the mainstream dynamics of the super hero, the victim, the savior of the country, etc. Narrating the perspective of the eternal struggle of good against evil. In short, for Bernie Sanders could start a mythologizing process, an essential process if someone wants to make history and want to become the next President of the United States.