The West Coast will crown Bernie Sanders

The data are overwhelming: the most important cities of the Nation of Pacifica are both cities that are doing the most donations for Bernie campaign and more crowded his rallies. The West Coast and throughout the Mid West have become over the months Purple Areas. Regardless of the outcome in Florida, Bernie will do the full of votes and delegates in the South and in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Utah to close the game in the states of Pacifica: Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California.

This Tuesday Bernie can afford to lose in Florida also of 8-10 percentage points and simply snatch a draw in Ohio (in this state electoral dynamics are bringing him to compete more with Kasich that with Clinton).

The media – possibly – make us believe that the game will be closed, while from Wednesday will start the real race for the White House and HRC could struggle to win more than a couple of state until the end.

Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland are now Purple Cities. And, searches on Google Trends, Sentiment Analysis on Twitter and Facebook, Social Media studies, deep insights of past elections compared with that of today, show a sea change on the American electorate and a huge endorsement both from the rural areas both by of the most educated cities.

As in the best revolutions, when the lower class and middle class come together, it takes a miracle.