Bernie has 10-point lead in Illinois and Missouri

The trends, the sentiment, the reaction to Trump, the history of Illinois and Chicago, the territorial characteristics of the South of the State so incredibly congenial to Sanders, they are quite clear facts. They are data that reveal a clear victory of Senator.

There’s a wind of change and it seems that Sanders was able to make inroads into the hearts of African Americans pocketing definitely the legacy of Barack Obama. And most of the US President, he is succeeding favor among Latinos also in the enterprise to win wherever possible this spell. In fact, Sanders expects to win the remaining states of the Midwest and the East Coast through the black vote and those of the West Coast due to Hispanics. I consider the ability to speak to the hearts of everyone really disarming: by the farmer to the rapper, by the laborer to the student.

So, Google Trends shows a body of research for which Sanders double easily Clinton, although in this state access to the network is much more closed to Berniacs rather than Clintonites. And the trend continues to rise.

Social Mention keeps track of activity on Twitter incredible, a much more positive sentiment for Bernie rather than Hillary. There are countless retweets, at least one tweet every 10 seconds, so much passion, strength and reach. A riot. Just to mention two free tools and accessible to all.

No doubt about it: Chicago, Rockford, Quincy, Mount Vernon and Peoria voters, will make the difference. The spectacular and legendary rural areas will legitimize the outcome.

It is realistic to think that the advantage could reach or exceed about ten percentage points.

The same reasoning applies to the Missouri. Bernie is strong in Columbia, Jefferson City, Springfield, St. Louis, he doesn’t give up in Kansas City and he towers over Clinton in the rest of the state. The advantage will be more than reassuring. It will be a great surprise.