Sanders gains Obama votes in Chicago

My data show a clear and net new alignment of the African American voters in Chicago and throughout Illinois on the side of Bernie Sanders. What appeared to be the weak point of the election campaign of the most popular Senator of America is becoming his trump card. Bernie, unlike in Michigan, can count, here in the state of Barack Obama, the largest electorate in rural areas but, above all, in a totally unprecedented, than in metropolitan areas. Also according to the theory of wildfire that sees him stand out in the center of the Mid-West and, therefore, in the surrounding areas, Illinois can be considered a purple state as of now. This being so, what is most relevant for the journey to the Democratic nomination is the magnitude of its eventual victory. In fact, Bernie is played here a chance to win many delegates how many could lose in Florida, if it went badly, drawing so deal with Hillary Clinton, waiting for the outcome of the results of the uncertain Ohio and in what should prove to be favorable Missouri. On balance, this second Super Tuesday could end with a stalemate and, in my opinion, this would represent, as much as it might seem strange, a great achievement for the candidate of Vermont. This is because, from the day after, he can count on elections in states more favorable to him and, conversely, hostile to Clinton. For Bernie Sanders is vital arrive competitive in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island, and then cashing delegates of delegates in Montana, Wisconsin, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, and California. Apparently, for HRC, it’s over the bottle of Southern Comfort.