The State is a company

If the State would cut health, people would spend more money for medical care, the money would go to the very few pharmaceutical existing industries, leading gains in the tax havens of the planet and demand would fall. People are impoverished and those who get rich doesn’t put the money in circulation. In this way, the money is released by the United States of America and the GDP will grow less. If the State would cut education, the student would be less specialized, he would earn less, the US economy would be less specialized, it does not would compete globally, and demand would fall. To compete, companies are ‘forced’ to pay skilled people from other parts of the world, but all of that for them is not a problem because the companies aim to profit and don’t care about the American flag or the American people. There aren’t patriots. The important thing is to be competitive and, in this perverse game, die small and medium-sized companies, who can not afford such a policy. If the State, then, would cut even pensions, assistance, subsidies, people would have even less money in their pocket and less demand would drop further. Who buys the products available on store shelves? The State can and then, but if it don’t invest in infrastructure, renewable energy, in a new fleet of trains, metro and bus and believes that it must do more and only private, it allows the individual can give people a cheap labor and with less rights with a consequent drop in demand. The story is always the same, and it’s the same all over the world. The electoral programs of perhaps conservative aimed at destroying the state machinery, blaming state the cause of all evils. Of course all this is absolutely false: the Conservatives want to hit the state to find the necessary funds to continue to lower taxes on labor and high incomes to compete with the Far East and have fun on Wall Street. They do it because it’s one of their few, but winning, flagship products that are found. Now, if absurdly all World Countries failed to be costing the car of their country zero dollars, if it were all private, they would no longer matters. It would be the end of the conservative forces. Would remain the topics of security, but the security of a State would be privatized in the hands of private and immigration, the fight which, in a State completely privatized, would be equally in their hands.